Code4PizzaCollator: The first outside test.

On my way back from Derry today I gave the Code4Pizza app a whirl to see how it would perform in the realworld.  Better than I had imagined to be honest….My original concern turned out to be no concern.  When you speed past a stop and get the location I was afraid that the GPS would take time to update.  What actually happens is that the GPS lat/lon data will constantly update as the device is moved.  All you then have to do it tap the “Store Location” button and it’s saved.As well as Code4PizzaCollator there’s a web based app by Alex McRoberts which does the same sort of thing.  It’s in development at the moment but it will work on iPhone, Andriod and other mobile devices with a connection. You can find it here reason I didn’t go with a fully connected app was simple.  Connections in the NW of the province are up and down.  You don’t get much 3G coverage apart from Derry and Coleraine at present.  So I wanted to be able to collate data and send in one go to a server when I wanted to.One unanswered (possibly because it’s unasked) is: at a bus station do I register every stop? I think it’s a good idea for the following reason.  Ultimately I’d like to see an app where a tourist could stand at any bus stop and with GPS pull the info on the different buses that leave and at what times. With near field connectivity (NFC) we should be paying the bus fares with our phones as well, this is already happening in some European countries already.First we need to complete data and that’s where the crowdsourcing comes in.  With these two apps there’s no reason to say we can’t collect the bus stop data for the whole province.

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