Social networking… well it isn’t, is it really?

I personally believe the that tipping point of social networking is upon us.  The fad of pushing our every whim, thought and party puking picture (always a hit with interview employers) is slowly coming to an end.  It’s easy to pick on Facebook as it’s one of the largest providers.  The 350 million user claim, while impressive, doesn’t hit the real detail of those users. Are they active? Is it just registrations?  All the while these numbers are bandied about by marketers and social media “experts” (where were you in 2002?)Ultimately these social networks aren’t social at all, in their human nature sense.  They are just a series of connections.  The quality of that connection is always questionable.  It’s easy to get 500 friends on Facebook but it’s always on one level.  Linkedin got it right from the start, the acquaintance linkage worked a treat.  If I wanted to connect to Bob but had could only do so via Sue and Ted then I had to state my case to them.  If they agreed then the connection was made.Me -> Ted -> Sue -> BobThe day Linkedin pretty much dropped this feature is the day that Linkedin died for me.  I do still use it, don’t get me wrong.  The very heart of it’s core was lost.True social networking is connected via the acquaintance.  I only xyz from my knowing abc, not everyone has a true direct connection to everyone else.

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