The iPhone picker app….

Cast your minds back to August, a wonderful day, sun was out and Refresh was happening in Belfast with Ecliptic Labs.  The kinds souls of Chris McClelland and Phil Strain were giving away a iPhone 3GS on PAYG and we all entered the draw. On that night John Cusick was randomly chosen and won the phone, well done to him.  I won the amazing iPhone design stencil so I came away just as happy.That was all well and good, so life proceeded in a normal pace.  Though I wasn’t at Build Conf it did filter through the Twitter feed VERY quickly that John had won again, this time a copy Adobe CS4 Creative Suite provided by Ian Sayers at Giant Training.  Now we were thinking it was a fix….. it wasn’t.John’s got the midas touch – so it’s a good thing to keep close by him.  The alternative is to change your name to John Cusick which will make life easier in competitions where iPhone apps are used to choose the winners. 


Everyone’s a winner as long as you are John Cusick.
   So, good luck John Cusick’s everywhere! 🙂

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