Bootstrap diaries – It’s good to share but not all the time.

I’ve been head down for the last week or so getting some things finished off with “TNS” (The New Startup).  Like I’ve said in previous posts (and talks at Barcamp etc) that it’s always good to have an advisory board of people that you know and trust.For TNS I’ve got about 8 people that I can phone up or Skype at any time and go, “Is this part a stinker?” and I know I’ll get an honest opinion.  Good case in point this morning where I was talking to a client about a few things with the transaction path of TNS.With Open Coffee’s and Barcamps the idea is share and share alike, it may be skills, ideas, content, time or whatever.  The overall notion that times aren’t great and we’re all in this together.  But (there’s always a but) there is also a time to shut up and get on with it.  Keep in contact with your advisory board and get product out.  Share to your potential customers not the rest of the development/startup community.I find NDA’s a little pointless sometimes, all depends on the company and the stage that they are at.  There’s no point on earth asking me to sign an NDA on something that doesn’t exist, isn’t producing any revenue and doesn’t have anything remotely unique.  Get product out, get customers and then start getting NDA’s out when you are starting to stretch your arms.  At this point you have something to protect.

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