Throwing Sheep – It’s not about Farmville!

As much as I don’t mind answering questions about social networking….

There’s a phrase that’s getting chucked into conversation a lot:

“I was at this course and they were talking about social networking and throwing sheep, I assume they are talking about the popularity of Farmville….”.

First of all, it’s nothing to do with Farmville. It refers to a book called “Throwing Sheep into the Boardroom”, which is all about how companies need to wake up to the fact that social networking relationships can improve their bottom line. It’s not a bad book all in all.

Throwing Sheep is not to be confused with “to throw a sheep”, which is about getting someone’s attention in Facebook (a bit like poking for example).

I’m starting to get tired with all the social media training that’s out there, most of it’s pretty simple easy stuff that you don’t actually need to be taught in the first place. Just my opinion….

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