Barcamp Derry – the aftermath

My head is still full of information…..

Of the 172 registered attendees about 120 turned up (around 70%) which was excellent news.  As agreed the day before I’d kick off in the morning, so at 10:30am I presented “Bootstrapping a Startup (or how to eat a fajita)” (a picture for proof if any were needed).  If ten people turned up I’d be happy.  When I looked up there was about 70 people in the hall and some notable names as well.  Best comment of the day, “he’s very English” šŸ™‚

One unwritten rule of presentations is that a normal 60 second minute will shrink to 45 seconds per minute, a lot of speakers found this out the hard way with various gestures of “5” or cutting actions being offered from various parts of the building.

As much I would have liked to sat down and listened to a number of talks it just didn’t happen, the full day turned into networking day, I wanted to listen to Ted Leigh talk on time travel….

Lunch was pizza and excellent pizza it was, all the while in more meetings with various folk.

All I remember of the afternoon was sitting through Mark Nagurski’s talk on blurry media and en route going into a room to talk to someone and not coming out for 90 minutes…..

Barcamp Derry: present, learn, network and then lager shandy – perfect.

The ongoing twitter stream.
NITechBlog Podcast (by Davy Sims), interviews with Paul from Learning Pool, Mark Nagurski, Jason Bell and Martin Gilchrist.

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