Upcoming on the tech radar in NI.

The good news is that Open Coffee’s are crawling out of the woodwork, so if you want to network you have no real excuse for saying that things aren’t going on. The reason I started Open Coffee Coleraine and not Open Coffee Limavady was simple, everyone in Limavady practically knows each other and in Coleraine it seems to be the opposite.

So crack open your diaries and get this lot noted down.

Wednesday 19th August – Open Coffee Coleraine: 7pm-9pm @ Starbucks (www.opencoffeecoleraine.com)

Thursday 27th August – Open Coffee Derry: 6pm @ Waterfoot Hotel (www.opencoffeederry.com)

Wednesday 9th September – Open Coffee Mid Ulster: 6.30pm venue TBC (www.ocmidulster.com)

The Belfast Open Coffee meetings happen every fortnight on a Thursday, the dates are listed on the their website: www.opencoffeebelfast.com

The open coffee meetings are no pressure, no name badge affairs. You get what you put in basically, if you want to talk to someone then introduce yourself to them and there’s a high chance they’ll talk back and then get you talking to someone else. It’s not all techie businesses that turn up to these events so don’t think it’s just for dull programmers with nothing else to do. It’s far from that.

If you are a dull techie with nothing else to do you’ll be interested in these bits as well:

Monday 17th August – Refresh Belfast: 6.30pm @ Black Box all about iPhone development this time. You will need to register to get in.

Saturday 19th September – Bizcamp Dublin: All Day – Too much going on to list here…. (www.bizcamp.ie)

Saturday 10th October – Barcamp Derry: All Day – Too much going on to list here…. (www.barcampderry.com)

Thursday 4th – Friday 6th November – Buildconf: you will have to pay for this one but the schedule looks great. (www.buildconference.com)

2 responses to “Upcoming on the tech radar in NI.”

  1. Barcamp Derry looks like a good lineup so far, will have to get up to it.<br /><br />Good to see there is lots happening across NI – didn't know about all these Open Coffees until recently.<br /><br />Good luck with Barcamp

  2. Lee,<br /><br />Thanks for the comment, there are Open Coffee's springing up all over the place. One's in Derry, Coleraine, Magherafelt (which is tonight) and Limavady.<br /><br />There's life in the North West yet 🙂

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