BarCampDerry, interesting notes from the PHP front.

It was nice to see the BarCampDerry site come together quickly. Between Mark Nagurski, Greg Wallace, myself and a some others in the background that I may never know about… well it came together good. As small favours go, I liked this one a lot.

A few things to keep in mind for anyone putting that sort of site together in WordPress, from a geeky dev perspective.

1. Have a clear vision of how you want your code to work before you try and weave it into WordPress. For me I had the attending/speaker thing written when Mark first talked about the Barcamp site. I knew it would be in WordPress so PHP was the obvious choice.

2. The route of least resistance is the best. I used the ExecPHP with WordPress, it has advantages and disadvantages. Main disadvantage is that any errors or warnings don’t show up, it’s got to be some pretty bad for it to do so.

3. Make sure you have decent PHP code ready in advance. Mainly because trying to edit in WordPress editor is like painting art through a letterbox.

4. Ensure that all the team know what the score is. WordPress WYSIWYG editor is disable with ExecPHP installed otherwise the html prettying screws up the code. So don’t expect to make too many friends on the team if you don’t tell them not to use it.

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