Focus your gaze, writing little apps won’t make you rich (normally).

Interesting timing, I’ve been thinking about this post all day, then Techcrunch have just put up an interesting article about App Store hype which reflects on a post by Stromcode.

My view has never been about selling applications (whether they be Java, Brew or ObjC) but about connecting users to the solutions themselves. I’ve been doing much thinking today in regards to a startup project I’ve been working on (I was thinking of doing a stealth launch at Open Coffee Derry but I think I’m still going to keep it under my hat for a little while longer). Mobile applications should be a gateway of connecting users, as websites do with the browser, offering solutions and benefits along the way.

Games are games and people will play them and there will be games developers, but whether those developers will make a living from their apps seems a bit of a long shot to me. I have to admit I got caught in the make-me-an-iphone-developer mantra with the possibility of $$$ but reading I got put off.

Mobile phones are about connecting people, their applications should do the same.

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