Sun going into the Java App Store business.

Mainly to promote the Java runtime but it makes sense. Jonathan Schwartz’ blog from Monday outlined the new Project Vector in part but he’s leaving the meat on the bone until JavaOne.

And that’s what Project Vector is designed to deliver – Vector is a network service to connect companies of all sizes and types to the roughly one billion Java users all over the world. Vector (which we’ll likely rename the Java Store), has the potential to deliver the world’s largest audience to developers and businesses leveraging Java and JavaFX. What kinds of companies might be interested?

Applications are on application and will have to be real good to get on the space. As with Apple’s way of doing things the apps that will really make it are the ones that get profiled on their site. You need money to make money.

It’s an interesting concept (though you’ll see by the comments that there a few confused about how it’s really going to work for developers). No real mention on J2ME apps either, this looks like a big push for JavaFX on the desktop to get away from all those nasty browers.

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