Yowza – I wish I thought of that, oh I did I just didn’t get off my backside and do it!

Techcrunch brought Yowza (Yes, the startup with Greg who is in Heroes) into my field of view a few weeks ago, in fact on the same week I was thinking about what I’d possibly do if I owned an iPhone, a Mac and the SDK.

Mobile shopping coupons, save on paper and all that. Perfect, I’ll get an iPod Touch… Then I was beat to it.

This happens all the time, coded up a UK version of Ideeli and GiltGroupe type sites and on the day I was going to pick up the phone and start talking I was shown the full page advert for Brand Alley and immediately stopped. There’s been a bunch of others, the most comfort I can gleen from all this is (as put to me by a Silicon Valley veteran), “well at least you are thinking the same as the big guys”.

There’s no Yowza in the UK, but it won’t be far off. There’s a possible avenue of looking at another platform (J2ME perhaps) and going down that route. All things are possible it’s just getting the merchants to sign up and the everyday public to download the app in the first place.

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